A Virtual Bridal Appointment With Our Designer

What to expect when signing up for a virtual appointment?

Let us start by saying... EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT!

We know you're probably thinking, is this even possible? Can I actually find a wedding dress without even trying it on?

The answer is YES. With us, you can. Dovita Bridal is the master of fit. This is something we've been always known for and has led us to perfect methods that almost never fail us. The knowledge we have in couture techniques along with our patterns and understanding of a women's body guarantees we can create a gown for you that will sit in all the right places and will look exactly as you hoped for and imagined. You just have to take a leap of faith and trust us to deliver what we do best. So are you ready to go on an adventure with us?

How does it work?

1. Contact us - First of all, create a wish list of all of the gowns you are interested in. Then, schedule your virtual appointment by emailing Victoria Ergun, the Dovita Bridal designer at info@dovitabridal.com.

2. During Your Virtual Bridal Appointment – Victoria will begin each virtual appointment by learning about your wedding plans and discussing every detail, from the venue and time of year to the general aesthetic you prefer. She will go through your bridal style and your desired wedding day looks, explaining each dress on your wish list based on fit, shape and fabric. She will also discuss possible customisation options or special sizing needed.

3. Customizations - And what about a custom design? Well, these are our favorites! We can help you mix and match, modify and change, or even have our designer sketch you something from scratch. Your wish is our command.

4. Ordes - You can then place your order and in the same way as usual. Each bespoke creation should be ready 6 to 8 weeks later and either delivered directly to you or you can set up a fitting in person.

You have a chance to get ideas and advices regarding your "Dream Dress" So what are you waiting for? Leave us your information and we will reach out within 24 hours to schedule you a time.