Choosing a wedding dress by a body type

In Dovita Milano we strongly believe that every bride is unique and beautiful! We love to emphasize their beauty and provide our brides the most flattering wedding dresses for their special day.

That is why we have prepared a detailed guide on how to choose a wedding dress depending on the body type of the bride.

Here are main body shapes that need to be considered when choosing a Dovita Milano wedding dress:

  • Rectangle – similar measurements of bust, waist and hip areas

  • Inverted Triangle – waist and hip areas smaller than bust and shoulders

  • Triangle – hips measurements larger than bust and shoulders width

  • Hourglass – similar measurements for bust and hips area with defined waist contour

  • Round – fuller bust, waist and hips with similar measurements, round silhouette


Hourglass Body Type

An hourglass body shape is considered to be the most proportionate and harmonious one, however it’s quite rare. Almost every wedding dress will look good on brides with this body type.

Characteristics: defined waist, proportional shoulder and hips.

Avoid: lots of layers, ruffles and laces that will cover up the feminine silhouette.

Flaunt your assets: delicate corset, sweetheart neckline, open shoulders, belt to accent the waist.

Perfect wedding dress: sheath or other fitted dress (optionally with a train).

Take a look at Dovita Milano wedding dress:

Dovita Dress




Triangle Body Type

A very feminine body shape that is considered to be one of the most appealing for men. A wedding dress for a bride with this body type needs to balance out the silhouette and accentuate shoulders and bust areas.

Characteristics: narrow shoulders, fuller waist and hips.

Avoid: too tight dresses, ruffles around the waist,  mermaid-style dresses that emphasize hip area.

Flaunt your assets: skirt made of light fabric that skims over the hips, bright inset on the waist, boat neckline, puffed sleeves or bolero, eye-catching details on top.

Perfect wedding dress: A-line silhouette.

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Round Body Type

When choosing a wedding dress for an Apple body shape, the key is to balance out the fuller chest by adding fullness to the hip area and focusing on the waist.

Characteristics: undefined waistline, volume in the chest, narrow hips and slender legs.

Avoid: horizontal patterns, closed necklines, ruffled and puffy sleeves.

Flaunt your assets: V-shaped neckline, high waistline, stiff corset, fluid fabrics that flow.

Perfect wedding dress: A-line silhouette.

Rectangle Body Type

An athletic body type that is adored by modern designers. A bride with a rectangular body shape looks flawless in a splendid “princess-style” wedding dress that helps create volume in her body.

Characteristics: shoulders, chest and hip are fairly similar,  not much curves.

Avoid: shoulder-pads, low cleavage, mermaid silhouette and straight cuts.

Flaunt your assets: belt or ties on the waist, ruffled skirt, A-line silhouette, accentuated  top of the dress, puff sleeves, low waistline (if tall).

Perfect wedding dress: ballgown, princess-style dress.

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Inverted Triangle Body Type

A bride with an inverted triangle body shape has larger proportions on top than on bottom. One of the main features of this body type are beautiful, shapely legs that many brides-to-be would love to show. However, when choosing a wedding dress, the goal is to balance broad shoulders and add volume on hips.

Characteristics: broad shoulders and chest, narrow hips.

Avoid: off-shoulder neckline, puff and ruffled sleeves, massive decorations on the top.

Flaunt your assets: V-shaped neckline, full, ballerina skirt, backless dresses, flared long sleeves.

Perfect wedding dress: mermaid-style, ballgown, midi dress.

Take a look at Dovita Milano wedding dress:





All Dovita Milano wedding dresses are presented on our webpage. If choosing a perfect wedding dress for a certain body type is getting a bit complicated, our designer will be happy to assist the bride via Virtual Appointment.

Dovita Milano wedding dresses are also available in our Flagship stores and boutiques of our partners all over the world.

We truly believe there is a perfect Dovita Milano wedding dress for every body shape and we hope this guide will help you find it!