Introducing Our New Magic Collection 2022

In a world of uncertainty, there is one thing that we, as Dovita, have always been sure of: love is shining as magic in the dark, and human connection brings joy even in the most difficult times.

We’re delighted to introduce you to the new Magic Collection, featuring gowns that reflect the beautiful simplicity and weightlessness of love. Magic Collection wedding dresses, as dreamy and romantic as those that have come before them, are also inspired by the strong, determined, empowered women we witness around the globe today, even in the face of so many challenges.

Magic Collection combines novel micro-beaded linear lace with classic flower lace in haute couture gowns that are as contemporary as they are glamorous.

The bridal silhouettes' peerless handcrafting are creating gowns to genuinely treasure with stunning sheer effects and macrame that bring out the most deeply feminine side of brides. Immerse yourself in a delicate collection where simplicity and modernity are maximized to elevate your elegance.

Handmade embroidery, 3D flower lace, and organza fabrics found the gentle aesthetic of Dovita gowns. These dresses are made for the bride who feels at once quiet and confident; liberated and understated. Femininity and empowerment, qualities found in every #DovitaBrides, flowed like a stream through the inception of these designs.